Fire Sprinkler Installation in Silverado, California

  • We approach any and all work on fire protection systems in accordance with NFPA standards.
  • We guarantee that our fire protection services will be of the highest quality of standards and value.

Looking for Fire Sprinkler Installation & Design in Silverado?

Call Legion Fire Protection today at (714)707-4868 to schedule your Fire Sprinkler Installation in Silverado. We design and install fire protection and life safety systems that meet code requirements and perfectly address your business or institution's needs - all at a fair price. 

Whether the project is new construction, a reconfiguration of an existing system, or retrofitting, our team is able to work on all types of fire sprinkler systems.

With over 2 decades of experience, and certifications to show, our highly trained fire sprinkler installation crew is able to install your fire sprinkler system in an efficient, safe, and economical manner.

We develop cost-effective solutions, designed to save everyone time and money. Our team will be able to install whatever system you may need and fulfill fire safety and workplace safety regulations. Legion Fire Protection will keep your facilities up to code.

Silverado Fire Sprinkler Installation Services 

  • Fire sprinkler system design for new construction
  • Fire protection system upgrades
  • Residential Fire Sprinkler Installation in Silverado
  • Commercial Fire Sprinkler Installation in Silverado

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    Looking for a professional Fire Sprinkler Installation Company in Silverado? We've got you covered! We approach any and all work on fire protection systems in accordance with NFPA standards, ensuring your system is built to code.

    Contact us today for a no-obligation, free quote. We are extremely committed to bringing you the best value around. We are fire safety experts with decades of experience in our industry.