What is Regulation 4 Testing?

Regulation 4 testing is a standardized testing of a building’s fire safety systems, created by the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD). The testing involves systems such as elevators, fire escapes, fire pumps, and more. Reg 4 testing requirements and scheduling will vary by equipment / system type. Larger buildings and more intricate systems will require more frequent reg 4 testing.

The goal of LAFD reg 4 fire testing is to save lives by ensuring all fire protection systems are in working order, free of defects. Here at Guard Fire Protection, we make it easy and affordable to comply with LAFD reg 4 testing and certification. From The actual testing to submitting your test results to the Los Angeles fire department and / or insurance companies.

Should any defects be found in any of your systems, Legion Fire Protection is able to make the required repairs. We guarantee the best prices and value for service for our Los Angeles customers. Any defects found can be repaired by our technicians. In this case, It is best to correct the defects as soon as possible – but no later than 30 days from the original testing date. After any repairs, retesting of the equipment will be necessary in order to move forward with certification.

If you follow a regular inspection and testing schedule, problems in your fire protection systems can be detected early, and prevent any issues with the fire department in the event that you fail to pass the testing process.

Contact the professionals at Legion Fire Protection today to learn more about our fire protection services and schedule your reg 4 fire testing or call us at (714)707-4868.