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What is a Fire Suppression System?

Fire suppression systems are considered to be any product that was designed & engineered to extinguish and prevent the spread of fire. These systems are generally set up to protect a building and its assets against damage, but some systems are available to use elsewhere such as vehicles.

It is vital to keep your fire suppression systems inspected and maintained on a regularly scheduled basis. These systems are designed to allow emergency responders time to react and mitigate any possible damage to your assets and property.

Wet fire sprinkler systems are one of the most common types of fire suppression systems. But, there are situations, and applications that call for options apart from water. In some industrial and commercial properties, water as the first line of defense can do more harm than good.

Legion Fire Protection is able to provide a wide range of fire suppression services. Our expert team will help you decide what the best fire suppression system is for your application. From server rooms to hospital kitchens and food trucks, we will find the best choice at the best price and value for our customers.

    Fire Suppression Systems

    • CO2 Systems
    • Foam & Deluge Systems
    • FM200 Fire Suppression
    • Ansul Fire Suppression
    • Wet and Dry Chemical Agent Suppression

    Legion Fire Protection can design, install, and service fire suppression systems from all major manufacturers. We are able to provide you with thorough fire suppression inspections. We offer around-the-clock 24/7 emergency service. These systems work with a detection system and are generally very fast to respond to fires.

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