Fire Hydrant Repair in Orange County

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Fire Hydrant Repair Company in Orange County

If you are looking for a licensed professional to take care of your fire hydrant repair, call Legion Fire Protection today at 714-707-4868.

We are a C16 Licensed Fire Protection Contractor providing 5-star service for our clients. All work done is in strict adherence to NFPA and local guidelines. Is your fire hydrant leaking? Or maybe you've noticed an underground fire main leak. Give us a call today, and we will figure out a solution!

Legion Fire Protection specializes in all makes and models of fire hydrants. Our goal is to give our clients cost-effective solutions that adhere to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations. Our licensed technicians provide dependable fire hydrant preventative maintenance and repair services to ensure that our customers' fire hydrants remain operational.

We service commercial, industrial, and residential properties in San Diego, Riverside, Orange County, and Los Angeles. We specialize in providing quality fire sprinkler services in any capacity.

Contact us if you noticed a leak in your hydrant or somewhere else underground as there may be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed immediately!


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You may not need to replace a Fire Hydrant if it sustains damage or develops a malfunction. If a replacement fire hydrant installation is required, our team of Fire Protection Contractors can quickly assess your issues, provide you with an estimate, and complete any necessary repairs.

Fire hydrants are long-lasting devices that are engineered to last for decades. When possible, we will always suggest repairing a fire hydrant over replacing one.

Fire hydrants provide a crucial source of water for firefighters to use when battling fires, and it is important that they are in good working order at all times. Fire hydrant repair services are typically required when issues such as a damaged valve stem, leaking hydrant caps, and broken underground piping. 

By maintaining and repairing fire hydrants, these services help to ensure that firefighters have the resources they need to effectively combat fires and keep communities safe. We service fire hydrants on all home, industrial, or commercial properties. Like all parts of your fire protection systems, it is of utmost importance that your fire hydrant is working properly in the event of an emergency.


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Enjoy the peace of mind that you get when you choose Legion Fire Protection for your Fire Protection needs. We usually get back to all inquiries within 5 minutes to an hour.

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