Fire Hydrant Installation in Southern California

  • We approach any and all work on fire protection systems in accordance with NFPA standards.
  • We guarantee that our fire protection services will be of the highest quality of standards and value.

Professional Fire Hydrant Installation Company

If you are looking for a licensed professional to handle your fire hydrant installation, call Legion Fire Protection today at 714-707-4868.

We are a licensed fire hydrant installation company in Orange County, Southern California. All work done is in accordance with NFPA 24, 25 & 291. Fire Hydrants are considered a major component of fire protection systems. Fire Hydrants provide firefighters with a large, localized water supply which aids in fighting active fires.

Although there are several "types" of fire hydrants, there is a distinction between City and Private Hydrants. For maintenance purposes, it's critical to understand the contrasts and responsibilities. Locations and regulations differ as well.

We install fire hydrants on all commercial, industrial, and residential properties in San Diego, Riverside, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

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