Fire Sprinkler Inspections & Testing in Cypress, California

  • We approach any and all work on fire protection systems in accordance with NFPA standards.
  • We guarantee that our fire protection services will be of the highest quality of standards and value.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Frequency in Cypress

Cypress Fire Sprinkler Inspection Company. Call Legion Fire Protection today at (714)707-4868 to schedule your Fire Sprinkler Inspection in Cypress. Our inspections will help you meet code requirements and perfectly address your business or institution's needs.

Routine inspection, testing, and maintenance are mandatory for both fire sprinkler and standpipe systems, as stipulated by Title 19, Chapter 5, and the most recent edition of the California Edition of NFPA 25.

A licensed C16 contractor, like us over here at Legion Fire Protection, is required to perform these inspections and tests annually and every 5 years. Contact us today and get 10% off your inspection service.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Services in Cypress

  • Annual Fire Sprinkler Inspection
  • 5-Year Internal Fire Sprinkler Inspections
  • Commercial Fire Sprinkler inspections
  • Residential Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Whether you are a homeowner, industrial, or commercial property owner - you must stay compliant with routine ITM for your fire sprinkler systems. Contact us today to learn more!

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    If you are looking for a fire sprinkler inspection company in Cypress, look no further! We approach any and all work on fire protection systems in accordance with NFPA standards, ensuring you stay up to code.

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